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CDF Starfighter VR – Description

Originally released into steam early access in April 2016.  After just over a year Of early access, the Game went to the full release on the 5th of August 2017.  Another few years of work on the game resulted in the remastered version which was released on the 4th of February 2020.

Background and Gameplay

350 years in the future, we must unite and prepare to defeat darkness which is about to consume our Galaxy. The extinction of the entire human race is almost upon us. We will depend on brave and skilled fighter pilots who have what it takes to join our elite forces and become CDF Starfighters.

CDF Starfighter is an exciting, fun, and beautifully detailed VR space combat simulator immersing players into the experience of a CDF starfighter pilot. Inspired by games such as Freespace, wing commander and star wars, CDF Starfighter focuses purely on space combat with a pick-up and play control system. Concentrating on space combat simulation with a variety of missions and free flights to immerse you into the CDF Universe

Games Features

CDF Starfighter gives you the opportunity to become an elite starfighter pilot on an epic single-player adventure in the CDF universe.

  • REMASTERED VERSION – everything just got a whole better on a galactic scale!
  • Unique and functional living cockpits with a variety of displays, functions and VR uses.
  • A diverse and immersive Campaign mode to put you into the role of a CDF Starfighter in the Pirate War.
  • Six degrees of freedom with a unique pick-up and play control system.
  • Dog-fighting, space battles and much more with 70 missions between game modes.
  • Free flight mode for VR explorers and those who opt for no pressure or combat.
  • Designed for VR from the ground up for a feature-packed immersive game and experience.
  • Build to real scale for a more immersive and believable universe.
  • Perks, Ship upgrades and much more in campaign mode.
  • 6 Different unique role-specific playable Ships.
  • Vast and beautiful locations from the CDF Universe.
  • Challenging game-play.
  • Prove your worth with player rankings, stats, medals and more in scramble mode.
  • CDF Database offers lore and information and lore on the Colonial defence force and its universe.

Playable Game Modes

In the remastered game, you will play through a variety of training simulations, battle simulations and challenges with put you at the forefront of the game and story as an elite CDF starfighter pilot. Each of the 4 game modes offers a huge amount of content and fun.

– Campaign Mode

The Pirate War Campaign offers a story-driven and challenging 13-mission campaign. You take on the role of Lieutenant Rodgers who is posted to the CDF Churchill as the Pirate War starts. The campaign offers perks and fighter upgrades which can also be used in other game modes.

– Simulation Mode

Simulation mode offers simulations and challenges and is designed to teach you the basics and give you practice in space battles and 7 diverse challenges. The Basic Training simulation must be completed in order to start a campaign.

– Free Flight Mode

Free flight offers a no-pressure flight with no enemies or objectives. You can use any of the 6 playable ships and pick any location from the CDF universe (14 maps). This game mode is ideally suited for VR explorers to try out and get practice in all the playable ships.

– Scramble Mode

Scramble mode is instant action with stats, ranking and unlockable ships. With just over 30 different missions you must get kills and win missions to rank up, gain perks for Campaign mode and earn medals. As you progress through the ranks the missions will get harder and turn into bigger space battles.

Gameplay Gallery

  • Gamescon-Setup


warning! This game features flashing lights and lots of motion!

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