Originally released into steam early access on Halloween 2017 for VR.  The all-new version is aimed at None-VR with many hours of horrific fun for any Indie gamer!  An Original game and atmosphere extended to all!  Enjoy, survive and play it in the dark with headpones!

None - VR version supports keyboard and mouse & gamepad.

As darkness descends upon the world. all contact is lost. Set in a small town in North America, will you survive the dark new world? Prepare for a challenging and creepy indie horror game.  Features an open-world town, powerful magical relics, and an unsettling atmosphere in this creepy Post-apocalyptic Indie survival horror game.

Reficul 666 is an indie open-world horror game with a very different kind of apocalyptic scenario.  Follow clues to find your friends and find out what has happened as you explore an open-world town in the darkness of night.  All power is out and lighting is key to survival and remembers that all light sources have limited power.  Look around the town for more batteries and other light sources as you venture further into the dark.



  • First Person

  • One Hell of an Atmosphere

  • Challenging gameplay with random enemies, story/objectives with each new game

  • An immersive environment with a tense atmosphere and a real sense of dread

  • Explore the town to find new items and clues

  • Powerful magical relics with unique and awesome powers

  • Lockable doors to help keep some enemies out and create a safe area

  • No jump scares, the game creates the atmosphere and random events to bring the element of surprise

  • Procedural lighting that lights up the environment around you

VR HEADSET IS NOT REQUIRED for Reficul 666!  Just a keyboard and mouse or gamepad.




This is a horror game and is not recommended for those who have heart problems, epilepsy, anxiety problems, or mental and physical health issues.

Reficul 666 Screen shots


Reficul  666  Trailer