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Starfighter Origins

Starfighter Origins – Description

Released on Steam on 25th April 2017  – Starfighter Origins has now been remastered! It is now bigger and better than ever! Starfighter Origins is an Original Indie space combat simulator Based on the CDF Universe.

Background and Gameplay

Combining a focus on single-player action and a campaign story mode, Starfighter Origins offers fun and diverse gameplay. Designed for keyboard and mouse with full controller support.

Starfighter Origins builds on the late 90`s space combat simulators with a focus on space combat. Unlike other games which concentrate on other aspects of gameplay such as trading, infinite universes and dynamic content and multiplayer. Starfighter Origins focuses solely on the space combat and keeps the same feel and diversity of titles it was inspired by such as Wing Commander, Freespace and Star Wars.

Starfighter Origins Updates

Remastered in 2020 to add 3rd person view, fix crashes in campaign mode, overhauled menu system and improved cockpits and CDF Database.

With our new 1.2 updates forget all the stresses and learning of real weapons, lighting placement and surviving a dark new world with realistic odds. Pick our arcade mode to really have some fun! Featuring an all-new arcade system and our Demon Hunter arcade game with a magical sword and a dark deep crypt to explore and conquer!

Games Features

Starfighter Origins is easy to get to grips with even if you have never played a space combat simulator before. The CDF ships use a particle Accelerator drive and an Impulse drive which gives much better control over the ship for docking and close combat. While the controls are easy to pick up and get to grips with each ship is different and will take time to master.

  • Now with 3rd person or cockpit view
  • Unique 90`s Industrial art style of the CDF Universe
  • 6DOF intuitive control system designed for Space Combat
  • Full Game-pad support
  • Unique CTA (Combat targeting Aid) Screen for dog-fighting
  • Single-player campaign
  • Instant action mode for simulations, challenges and skirmishes.
  • Test Flight mode to test each of the playable ships
  • 6 playable ships with different roles/capabilities

Gameplay Gallery

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